The 10 things I wanted to achieve in 2014 and what really happened.


On the 1st of January 2014 I published a post on my blog (written in Spanish) about the 10 things that I wanted to achieve in 2014. As the end of 2014 is getting closer, I decided to go back to this post and see if all my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 had been conquered or not.

I’ll go one by one and see what happened:

1. Scrub in a surgery: Yey! One thing that I can cross out! I did assist in one surgery, it was a thyroidectomy (removal of the thyroid gland). It was such an experience. Even though I couldn’t stay there until the end because I almost fainted  (too many emotions and feelings all at once) but it was a remarkable day. I really can’t wait to get into my surgery scrubs again and jump (or better, enter walking calmly) into the operation room.

2. Get my driving license: Nope. Didn’t happen. Yet. Again. I’m 23 years old and I can’t drive a car. But the thing is that I never felt the need to drive one. Whenever I’m back home in Spain I go everywhere by bike or public transport (the same I do when I’m in Lithuania). Anyways, I’ll try to sort it out this upcoming 2015. Do you think it will happen? Make your bets!

3. Visit 5 new countries: This one didn’t happen either. But well, this January 2014 I was visiting for the first time Rīga (Latvia). I had been in Latvia before, but really, Daugavpils (the city I first stepped in in Latvia) was one of the most non-latvian cities I’ve seen. Almost no one spoke Latvian there. I liked the capital that much that I got back with my friends in November 2014.

Also, this summer I did my first intercontinental trip alone. I went all the way to South Korea to visit my friend and we traveled around the country. Such an amazing and memorable experience. I will definitely go back there.

So even though I didn’t visit 5 new countries (technically I only visited one new) I can’t complain at all about my trips this year. And wait for 2015, because it will be full of adventures as well!

4. Instagram more: Well, this one I totally managed to do it well. My followers number has increased, but what’s more important, we are a community there. We interact, I tell you about my trips, my day-a-day and you tell me about yours too. It is by far the social network that I love the most. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, be sure to check @fateuser and do follow me. Please. It’s for free. And I will love you forever.

5. Give a better structure to my blog: I am a very organized and perfectionist person. That’s why always if I find a better way to structure my blog I do it. Even though it takes 12 hours. I will do it anyways. If you find something confusing or it’s not clear where to find the contents in my blog, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I like everything to be «perfecto»!

6. Write more: Since I’m in the clinical years (currently I’m on my 5th year of studies – 1.5 more to go!) I don’t have all the free time that I wish for. But still I try to get some time to share things with you guys, with the «family» that (and all surrounding social networks) has become. I’m glad I started this and glad I’m still writing here. I think this year I wrote more often. Will try to write «more oftener» this 2015. Boy scout word!

7. Create more: Here I was making reference to the video and pictures creation. Oh boy. I think it’s the resolution that worked out the best way! I created a new youtube channel (it’s all in english folks!) and created a new flickr account (it’s all in «pictures» folks!). Be sure to check them out and tell me what you think!

8. Better my grades average: Also worked. I’m more persistent in university and also I enjoy studying more. And if you like (or love) what you do, it’s always easier to put more effort. (Self highs-five)

9. Be more constant: Tried to fight my laziness moments. Won almost all the battles. Happy about the result. End of communication.

10. Finish the biggest project I have rolling on: I did advance a bit on this. Still not going to share anything. I want it to be a surprise for y’all. But it’s going. Slowly but going.


Overall I achieved 7/10 things that I planned to do during this whole year. I’m quite glad about the result. I think that life is about this. Making goals and achieving them. I once read a sentence WITHOUT A GOAL YOU CAN’T SCORE. So ladies and gentleman, you have few days before the new chapter of our lives begins. 2015 is almost there. Are you ready to put your battle gear and fight for your dreams?


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