Capture the Colour Contest 2013

Few days ago I got a nomination from Carl to participate in a contest called Colour Contest 2013, where basically you have to upload 5 photos of 5 different colours (red, yellow, green, blue and white) to your blog, nominate 5 other bloggers and give the organization a shoutout by twitter. More or less. (More specs here). 

At the beginning I thought about going through all my photos folders (I might have more than 100Gb in photography material) but that would take lots and lots of time and I wouldn’t be completely satisfied with my choices. Perfectionist alert!. So, what I finally decided to do is to take  5 pictures from my instagram profile (just in case you didn’t know I have some sort of addiction for this app) and use them to enter the competition.

So here they are, my photos:

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a les 16.55.30

YELLOW. I took this picture this summer, when I was visiting my grandparent’s village in the region of Guadalajara (Spain). I love going and being there. It’s just so calm. No shops, no supermarkets. Just a weekly lorry that brings the groceries that you need.

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a les 16.55.43

BLUE. Since 2010 I live in Lithuania, and whenever I want to go back home of travel somewhere else I do it by plane. That’s a picture taken on the month of July 2013 flying above the Alps. If I get the chance I prefer sitting by the window.

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a les 16.55.55

WHITE. Here in the eastern Europe in winter snows. A lot. Not like in Spain. You just need to get used to walk through the snow and you’ll be ok. This picture was taken in the month of February 2013, and probably it was around -18ºC when I took it.

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a les 16.56.08

GREEN. If someone ever would ask me to describe Lithuania in one word I would probably say green. Green everywhere. Nature at its best. I took this picture in May 2013 in the UNESCO World Heritage place known as Kernavė.

Captura de pantalla 2013-09-07 a les 16.56.17

RED. Just by the end of the semester I started a trip around Lithuania, to discover new places where I had never been before. This picture was taken in Nida, village found by the Baltic Sea.


Feel free to check my other pictures on Instagram, it’s free 🙂


And now, as the contest requires, I should nominate 5 bloggers:

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