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First day of our EurotripWe just got to Palanga from Kaunas, about 240km travelled by car. It’s not the first time that I’m in Palanga but it’s always nice to come back here. It’s a very touristic place by the Baltic Sea here in Lithuania. 

We got here quite late, around 21.30 and went to grab some dinner, (we were sort of starving). I guess that the fact that we had the previous day Monika’s graduation party (yey! congrats!! :D) has something to do with it. Hungover alert!! 

The place we decided to use to satisfy our hunger was de Cuba. Didn’t like it at all. It’s like the typical huge restaurant made especially for russian tourists that think that by listening all the time latin music and staying by the sea they are in the Caribbean. You will probably recognize them when the man in the couple is fat and drunk, and has shiny clothes (it’s like if they wanted to show how they «shined like diamonds») and the woman in the couple will have clothes of a 20 year old lady-of-the-night and tons of makeup. Also high heels to walk through the beach (useful!!). 

Anyways, the restaurant wasn’t that good and the prices were quite expensive. But wait, we had a fountain show. Just in the middle of the dinner, music goes off, latin music goes on, and the water starts to do some-sort-of-«amazing»-stuff.  And lots of russians filming and taking pictures with their phones.

After this odyssey in the place that we used to get our stomachs full, we grabbed a coffee and went by the seaside. That really felt so nice. The vibes here in that city they are really nice. Reminds me so much to where I come from, the mediterranean part of Spain. 

Even though we couldn’t spend so much time walking around (parking meter expensive as hell) we had enough time to take few pictures and enjoy the baltic breeze.

That was our first day of the Eurotrip. I’m planning to write every – single – day of this adventure here, so STAY TUNED!!

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