ignalina day 4

New day, new adventures.

After having an unsuccessful day in the second biggest city in Latvia, we planned to visit the places that my friends knew better in their home town, Ignalina. 

What a place! Lots of lakes surrounding the small town (8,000 people) and many more around all the region. But those lakes «ain’t normal lakes son» (read with a Virginian accent better), they are clear-water-nature-miracles with a refreshing water that makes you feel in heaven. There are also many forests surrounding the place to get the perfect contrast of the baltic wildness.

From my point of view, Ignalina is by far one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited here in Lithuania.

Also, important to mention is that I was working on my phobias. I have a terrible Acrophobia (a.k.a. fear of heights). I first found about it when I was 10 years old and my parents decided to go on top of the Pisa tower in Italy. Jesus-holy-Christ. The floor was so slippery and I didn’t have the best shoes with an ultimate grip power. Also add to this equation the fact that the tower is a bit bent and you have one of my worst experiences ever. I was scared as fuck. 

So, after giving you a small hint about my experience with the heights, my friends (if you can call those malicious people like that) took me to a tower, that was about 80m high but through my eyes looked a bit more like 2,000m tall. Damn scaring and swinging structure. Even though it was a bit hard to get to the top (hard because my muscles were blocking after every step I was taking upwards and also because my hands were so sweaty, not because of it’s architecture) finally I made it to the top and felt a bit better once I was upstairs. I guess the fresh air and the feeling that you were beating a bit your phobias on the ass helped. (Check the picture above to see the tower I’m talking about).

There are many of those towers around the region (Ignalinos Rajonas) and it’s really worth the view you can get after the suffering of going upstairs.

towerita reducida

One of the pictures that I took from the tower. I’m really proud about this pic 🙂

One interesting fact about this picture is that it was featured in the Facebook group We Love Lithuania where they share the best pictures about the baltic country. Check the photo here and give it a like! 😀

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