First thoughts about Korea

So I’ve been almost two weeks in this lovely country and I think I start to get few ideas on how things work here. (If I am completely wrong, please forgive me, I’m just a newbie here).

1. Korea is a country of contrasts.

The high skyscrapers surround the old and millenary palaces found all over the city in Seoul. It’s like the new and glassy buildings protect (or in a way, keep in the shadow) the old and classy constructions from the different dynasties that ruled the country. Also you get to see super cars and lots of technology and around the corner you find people looking for food in the trash. It’s like if there wasn’t a medium class. You are either wealthy of really poor.

2. Baseball is the religion here.

As in Lithuania the basketball is the religion, here in Korea the master sport is the baseball. They have a major league with 9 teams (soon to be 10) and almost always all the tickets are sold out. The great thing about the Korean peeps, is that they don’t get angry nor aggressive when their team looses, they just accept it. Well, they might get angry too but they don’t fight each other in a hooliganish way. 

I even became a fan of LG TWINS (even though the first time I saw them playing they lost).

3. Food is very tasty and spicy.

I can consider myself as a spicy food lover. Even once I tried the spiciest pepper in Mexico. But here almost all the food is spicy. Even the Kimchi, that they eat every single day.

4. Ancient & New. All together.

As I mentioned before about the contrasts. One of the most beautiful things is to see palaces (like in this picture) surrounded by amazingly high and new buildings. So spectacular.

5. Protection and security are very important.

I think I have never seen that many policemen together anywhere.

So, until here the first main opinions that I got from my first few days in this amazing Asian and powerful country. Will update you if something changes.


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