Getting back to the Reviews.

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Hey there peeps! How’s everything going? Here’s a fast update to tell you that from now on!

I will be testing and visiting many new places. Or basically going to the places that I always go. And some news too. I hope. 

The main difference is that now I will bring my camera with me, take few pictures of the places and give you my most sincere opinion. Not too many words. Many pictures and less text. Precise. Concrete. Straight. Without protection.

To tell the truth, I always like going to new restaurants, new barber shops, new shops, new cafés and of course trying the places that have always been there but never been in.

So this is how the posts are going to be organized:

  • Fateuser Eats: the old and classy restaurant (or café) review.
  • Fateuser Tries: the old and classy product (or shop or anything that is not a restaurant/café) review.

All the posts will contain few pictures (if not specified, taken by me). If you would like to use any of the pictures you are free to use them as long as you link me back with the picture.

Also, all the posts will be rated from 1-10 in «fates» (). The higher the number is the better.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert in cuisine nor cafés nor products. All the opinions are my own and may be wrong or right. Use my reviews with caution.

It would be cool that if you guys have been in any of the places that I write about and have a different opinion or something to add you would do it in the comment section, so all of us would have a better idea of the thing.

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