I am a half marathon finisher


I trained for about 3 months, ran over 350km to prepare the race and thought that I would have to skip it again (as I had to do in 2013due to some nasty conjunctivitis affecting my right eye. Before you ask: NO. I DON’T FART ON MY PILLOW.

That thingie on my eye kind of scared the sh*t out of me. Not because of the infection, but because due to that I wasn’t able to run. And well, after being training in a good way (not perfect but not bad either) for the last 90 days, I was going to get so pissed if I couldn’t run again.

Probably you wonder who is the guy with me on the picture. Well, he’s a friend of mine, Michaël. He’s the guy that I run  with and he’s the guy that I convinced to run with me the half marathon. Two months ago he couldn’t run more than 30 min, but woah, he’s such a hardcore guy. I remember when talking to him at the beginning of his trainings program  I told him that he should train a lot to so both of us could train together. He was running 5 times per week. For about 3 weeks. I really couldn’t understand from where he was getting all the power to do that. That was a real GO BIG OR GO HOME. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you achieve things. Being constant and working hard. So that’s him, my friend. My running buddy I’d say. We decided to start the race together and we finished it together.

Probably if I was running solo I could have done it a bit faster. But seriously, who cares? I had so-much-fun running together and it’s amazing when you cross the finish line with someone that you have been training with.

So fellas, if you are running and you have a friend that wants to start to do it, be there! Train with them. The satisfaction after the results are achieved will be double!


So that’s it! Another thing that I can cross out from my bucket listAnd well, as you saw on the first picture, I was running with my Go Pro. What means that I filmed the whole thing. And here’s the video.


Thanks for reading, watching and being there! You guys rock!

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