Instax mini 70 REVIEW.

Few weeks ago, I contacted the guys at @instaxEs asking for a collaboration. They were so nice and responsive and through Wonder Photo Shop Barcelona (the very first one in Europe) they sent me the brand new Instax Mini 70. Well, they also sent me an album and so many refills so that I could use it as much as I wanted.

I have to say that I had some previous experience with instant cameras. Last year I bought for myself (using the excuse that it was my birthday) an Instax 210. The older and bigger sister. Nothing to do one with the other. While the 210 is big and heavy to carry around, the new Mini 70 is probably the most versatile and easy to use instant camera in the market right now. In fact, when I was traveling around South East Asia during this last summer (2015) I carried it around (the 210) and it was most of the time a pain in the ass to have and way too bulky to travel on a minimal way (they way I love to do it so). I wish I would have had then my Instax Mini 70.

At the very beginning of this 2016 I had the chance to spend a 26 hours in Barcelona and I thought that it was the best destination to try out my brand new camera. Or that was the original plan. Since there was a girl that took it from my hands and was using it almost more than me!

The photographer photographed! #Barcelona #Catalonia #vsco

Una foto publicada por Pau Mateo (@fateuser) el

I remember the look on her eyes when we took the first selfie. She was amazed! And to tell the truth it’s a quite fun camera. Her favourite part was when you took the picture and a couple of minutes after you can see the result on paper and live!

If you are looking for a perfect and flawless picture perhaps you shouldn’t buy these type of instant cameras, since it is a bit harder to focus (but they are getting this way easier with the automatic mode on their new model) and to achieve a big quality photograph. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a camera to have fun, a device that you can use to make other people happy and something small and easy to carry around, well, that’s definitely your camera.

That was my best try on making the Review of the Instax Mini 70. If you still have doubts about this camera and you would like to read more «techy» stuff, I found this quite awesome and complete review that you should definitely check out.

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