Korean Adventures in 2017!

Deoksu Palace

On the 10th of March 2017, Gi and I will be traveling to South Korea. It’s not my first time (I was there on the summer of 2014but it is Gi’s first time, both in South Korea and Asia. In a way it’s a really cool thing that we both visited Africa for the first time together and that she’s going to be visiting Asia for the first time with me in the same country that I started my asian exploration.

We will be spending more or less 10 days in the country but will be exploring different cities. We didn’t decide exactly how many days we are going to spend in each city yet, but we want to visit Seoul, Busan and Jeju. Also, we will be going to my friend Jaehyun’s wedding. In fact, that’s actually why we are going all the way there. But since we are going to be traveling so far away from home, we want to make it count.

As we have done in our previous adventures, we will be making short videos about the whole experience. But this time, we would like to make it even more interactive: if you have any idea or you are curious about something, you can let us know in any social network you can find us on or by using the hashtag #KoreaHellYeah and we will try to show you everything that you ask for (or almost everything, I mean, we are not rich and definitely we are careful with our choices hehe).

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