10 Reasons why I am growing a beard.


If I would get one euro every time that I hear that question I would probably have 200 € extra in my account. And well, I think that this is not an easy question to answer actually because it’s a sum of many ideas and reasons:

1. Because it’s a challenge.

I am a very non hairy guy, therefore growing a «proper» beard was such a challenge for me. At the beginning it was super patchy and I looked like a homeless and shaveless dude. Now I just look less like a homeless and more like a person who is really trying hard to grow a beard.

2. Because beards are like boobs.

It’s totally true. The bigger it is the longer the opposite (or same) sex people stare at you. And who doesn’t like to be stared at?

3. Because it is for a great cause.

Now it is November. You probably heard of #Movember (which basically is that you shave completely on the 31st of October and during November you try to grow the biggest moustache that you can) and #NoShaveNovember (what basically means that you don’t shave nor trim your beard for the whole month). We do it to raise awareness for the prostate and testicle cancer, which is one of the major reasons of death in men. Speaking of the devil, I recently started a beardtition (I do love to make words with beard. I meant beard competition) in which I can win beard products and beard stuff. Check my profile here and press on Pabarzdok! (you can press up to three times per day and if you do it I will love you forever and ever).

4. Because bearders gonna beard.

No, really. Don’t you sometimes feel that the more the people tell you that you shouldn’t do something the more you want to do it? At the very beginning not many people supported me with the growing beard project. Now, more friends and relatives support me with this adventure that growing a beard is.

5. Because Ragnar Lodbrok had a beard.

Now probably you wonder who this guy is (unless you are cool and watch Vikings). Well, he was a badass viking that lived in vikingland thousands of years ago. And he had a beard. And he was feared by his enemies. And he had a beard. And he was awesome.

6. Because it feels manly.

Maybe I am a bit too old-fashioned but to me, having a beard and repairing things with your hands it’s a quite well definition of a manly guy. And add beer to the equation plus some muscles and bam! You got the manliest man on earth. Or not.

7. Because Manly Co. are awesome.

About three weeks ago I started collaborating with this awesome dudes. They have the first Lithuanian beard oil made in Lithuania. Plus they are bearded. Plus they let you smell all the scents and they will meet you personally to tell you how to use them according to your facial hair. And man, after using their oils and conditioners for 3 weeks my beard is shinier and stronger than ever.

8. Because «dude, you’ve got something on your beard».

And then I picture myself as an ancient viking with my beard full of blood after fighting the scariest and most brutal battle ever. But then I realize it’s only a piece of chip. But still, feels great.

9. Because you get to touch other guys beards and it ain’t weird.

Like women always talk about their haircuts or their nails, guys we don’t compliment on «how cool your hair looks today». It just would feel weird. But with the beards, that’s a whole new world. You can even ask about what products you use, or what barbershop you go to, and EVEN TOUCH EACH OTHERS BEARD. Nice.

10. Because I can’t wait for winter.

I think I have something for nordic culture. Probably because it is exotic to me. Or maybe because I can tolerate cold better. I’ve been living in a Baltic-Nordic country for 4 years, and whenever the snow comes and mega cold with it, it sort of makes me happy. Let’s say that in Lithuanian the 4 seasons are well defined. Warm summers and damn cold winters. And I can’t wait to see my beard full of snow flakes. And to see if it will really keep me warm.


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