Is Stockholm City Card worth it?


See, before I went to Stockholm I was always wondering if getting the Stockholm Card was worth it. So I decided to track down all my expenses to give you this answer:

YES IT ITS. And I’m going to explain you why.

The last (and first) time that I visited Stockholm I only spent there 2 nights and a full day. So, basically, I wanted to visit as many things as possible. I paid 495 SEK (57 €) and those are all the things that I visited or transports that I used:

  • Underground single trip: 36 SEK (I took it 6 times). 36×6 = 216 SEK.
  • Ticket 3 crowns museum: 75 SEK students, 150 SEK no student discount. 75 SEK.
  • Royal canal boat tour: 160 SEK (no discounts for students). 160 SEK.
  • Vasa museum ticket: 100 SEK students, 130 SEK no student discount. 100 SEK.
  • Nordiska museum ticket: 100 SEK (no discounts for students). 100 SEK.
  • Total amount of money supposed to be paid: 651 SEK (75 €). I saved 156 SEK (18 €).

Now there are some points to take in consideration:

  • Probably if I wouldn’t have had the City Card I wouldn’t have gone to the Nordiska museum. 
  • It’s an expensive city card, but you have 24h to visit as many places as possible.
  • The underground, tram, and buses are included, which is a VERY BIG plus.
  • It’s really worth it if you don’t have one ISIC Student Card
  • I only used it for one day. I’m sure that if you use it for a longer time it’s going to be more worthwhile.

If you have any suggestions for other people or you know better places to visit in Stockholm, feel free to write them down below in the comments.

Thanks! 🙂

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