Sweden 2013

trip to stockholm promo

Do you now when sometimes you find a really cheap flight exactly on the dates that you can travel?

Well, that was the situation with my trip to Stockholm. One day I was «surfing the internet» and decided to check cheap flights. And voilá, flight to Stockholm Skavsta from Kaunas from the 10th of October till the 12th for 30€. I definitely decided to take it.

We left Kaunas in the afternoon and landed in Sweden at 20:45. Once we were there we bought the tickets for the shuttle bus (the company is called Flyggbussarna) to Stockholm. The tickets are 228 SEK (return) if you are under 25 and the journey takes around 90 minutes. Once we were in Stockholm, we took the underground and walked to our hostel, the Old Town HostelThis hostel is located in the heart of Stockholm’s old town and even though it’s sort of a cave (it has no windows) it’s really clean and cozy to stay in. It has by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept in a hostel’s bed. True story. 

As we only had a couple of nights and only one full day, we decided to go to have a beer and discover the nightlife of the scandinavian capital.

The next day (friday) we woke up quite early to go to the centre of the city and meet Chloe from Free Tour Stockholm. The idea of Free Tour Stockholm is to bring you around the city and tell you it’s history completely for free, in short tours of about 1.5 hours. It was such a nice experience. Although Chloe wasn’t swedish, she was definitely a local, and she was one of the best guides that you could ask for.

After having the tour we visited few museums and take a boat tour. Also we had to stop to have some food and we decided to take some «typical swedish food» also known as TunnbrödsrulleThe taste was… hmm… acceptable… easy to cook. Fast foodish

All the museums, boat tour and the underground were for «free», because we had purchased before the Stockholm City Card

In the afternoon, after having the must visit to H&M stores we took another Free Tour but this time would be of the old town. Lee, who was our guide is an american dude who fell in love with a swedish girl and married her. Since then he lives in Stockholm. As he would define himself he is a «love refugee». 

Once we had enough of walking around, we headed to the hostel where we would rest for about half an hour. After that went to have a final adventure but as we were so tired after the whole day going up and down, we went home early. Our shuttle bus to the airport was leaving at 5am.

I was trying to keep my trip as much low cost as possible, and I’m afraid I didn’t really succeed (yeah, that’s basically why right now I’m so broke!). It’s just and advice. If you try to go to Stockholm and not spend more than 100€ but you also want to do some stuff and don’t stay in the airport, well, it might not happen. If you manage to do that, please contact me and tell me how you did it, I would really appreciate it for the future!

Since I’m in Lithuania I wanted to go to Sweden. I don’t know if it was because of Spotify, IKEA or the blond people but I really enjoyed it there. It was a really express visit to the swede capital, but don’t worry Sverige, I’m planning to come back.


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