The 2013 Eurotrip

Long time ago, in the summer of 2009, 5 friends + me decided to make our first Eurotrip. We took our huge backpacks and traveled around Europe for 26 days. We visited Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. That was the first travel on my own (without my parents or teachers) and I think it was then were everything (my passion about travelling) started.

Four years and five countries later, we decided to do this summer something similar. 


Map of the journey. Thanks google maps! 😀

The journey will start in Kaunas, the lithuanian city where I’ve been already living for 3 years. We will travel around the country and I’ll be visiting three towns where I’ve never been before, Ignalina, Nida and Šventoji. After finishing the lithuanian tour, we will take a plane from Vilnius straight to Barcelona. After drinking, sweating, walking, sleeping, partying, shopping, visiting and eating enough in my beautiful birth-place-city we will go straight to Logroño, which since almost a couple of decades is my hometown. 

Next to Logroño, there’s a great city called Bilbao, where we will be going to the BBK Live 2013 music festival. Great bands, awesome location and many of my best friends will be joining us there. What could be better?

2 days after the show it’s done, and with all the batteries fully charged again, we will take another plane to go to London (really really excited about that!! :D) where we plan to spend one day and one night and later drive to Bristol, where our journey will end. Well, we will spend few days there and then we will GO BACK HOME. 

So, summarizing, this year we (@manishee and me) will be travelling for about 21 days, will visit 3 european countries, will be in 11 different cities and will drink infty types of beers.

My plan is to be writing here during the trip about how is it going, so, if you are curious, STAY TUNED!


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