The Aurora

Just imagine this for a second. We were driving through the middle of Finland after our bus’ tire broke (and later was repaired) and suddenly we noticed something out there in the sky. Someone started screaming it’s the Aurora! it’s the Aurora! so we begged-yelled the bus driver to stop the bus so that we could go outside and experience it with our own eyes.

That was one of the most (or better said, the most) majestic thing I’ve ever experienced nature-wise. On the bad side of this awesome experience is that I didn’t have my tripod with me (I had it in the big luggage) so basically I needed to find the way to be as stable as humanly possible, with freezing cold outside (and thus shaking a bit) and try to get a long exposure picture.

The AuroraThe AuroraGi and the Aurora

As you see the pictures are a bit shaky and not so good focused. I was way too excited. And it’s quite hard to focus on something when it’s quite dark outside. Nevertheless I’m very happy with the result.

When we saw the Aurora again, I had my tripod with me so everything went smoother. It was a pity that this time it wasn’t so spectacular. It’s important to note that what you get to see with your eyes isn’t as full of colour as it shows the photograph but in any case, I’d love to see it again. Or better said, I’ll see it again 🙂 .

The AuroraThe Aurora

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