How things are going to be working from now on.

Bukchon Village
Keeping an order (or trying to be organized) with the posts and videos it’s been such a challenge for me. Since the beginning of this year I was posting one weekly video on At the beginning it was super fun. Later on, as happened with my 365 Days project I sort of lost the motivation and it was too demanding for me (need to have in mind that I’m studying medicine, which takes 80% of my free time. The other 20% I use it for sleeping). 

After that, I also opened a «secondary» YouTube channel. I am using the » » because from now on that will be my main channel.

And I will tell you why.

Lots of my followers a.k.a. the lovely people that check what I do can’t speak spanish. And having a YouTube channel where I would only put spanish speaking videos wouldn’t make so much sense, because almost all of you wouldn’t understand that. That’s why I decided to open the English Channel and since more and more people are subscribing to it, I’m going to keep it as the main channel. On the other one… well, we will see if I post anything or not!

Getting back to the topic, from now on, I’ll be posting on my blog one post weekly. On Mondays. Don’t know exact time yet. So remember that even though sometimes (or always) Mondays suck, you’ll be having new stuff on my blog. ISN’T THAT WONDERFULLLY AMAZING? Videos I’ll keep posting them on Thursdays  but that’s where the new thing comes. I won’t be posting a video on a weekly basis. That’s because I’d like to post videos when I have cool stuff to show and when I think that they are interesting/entertaining enough for you. I don’t want to feel the pressure to post shitty videos to fulfill the «self-imposed-programme».

And last but not least, you will be having almost every single day, if not more than once per day new pictures and anecdotes on InstagramSo if you don’t follow me yet, be sure to check my profile out!

Peace peeps!

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