All the things I want to achieve in 2015.

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Hey there lovely readers! How’ve you been? I have been quite off from the media world for a while now. But I’m really excited to get back and have much energy and stories to tell.

Before the 2014 year finished, I wrote a post about all the things that I wanted to achieve and what I really did.

2014 was a quite exciting year for me. I did so many things. In fact, it probably was the best year of my life so far. It wasn’t just luck. I worked hard and put some (quite a lot) effort in it to make a super-wonderful-fantastic year.

Nevertheless, when I was coming back to Lithuania on the 3rd of January, I couldn’t help but think about all the things that 2015 will bring and all the plans I want to do.

So ladies and gents, getting to the point, here are All the things I want to achieve in 2015.

1. Tavel as much as I can.

For 2014 I wanted to visit 5 new countries. And it didn’t happen. For this year, I’m not planning to visit X number of countries, I just want to visit as many new places as my time & money allow me to.

2. Eat healthier.

I am not a junk food addict. My favorite drink is water. I do eat veggies. The only thing I don’t eat is fried eggs. I don’t really know why, it’s just that I don’t like them. So dude, you already eat healthy, don’t you? I could say yes. But I’m going to go for a no. Sometimes, what I used to do is open my fridge and eat as much food as I find (e.g. sausages, cheese, tomatoes, chocolate) until I was totally full. And that was my lunch. Also, I’m a restaurant lover. But I totally can’t afford going to restaurants every day. Not even three times per week. Oh, and let’s don’t forget the munchies. Snacks. Sweets. That’s why, this year I want to cook for myself more often, try to reduce to 0 my intake of snacks and eat a proper and balanced diet. Yes mum, this time I’m going to try really hard.

3. Run a marathon.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you probably know that I love running. Even though right now I’m not running at all (call me weirdo but running with icy streets where you can die it’s not really my thing) I do enjoy the feeling of my heartbeat speeding up and sweating a t-shirt. Last year, my friend and I became half marathon finishersIt was one of the best experiences of 2014. This year I want to step up the game and go for the full marathon. Do you think I’ll be able to finish it? Make your bets!

4. Read more.

I do read a lot of articles on the internet. And also I do read a lot of uni papers and medical books. That’s not the type of reading that I mean. I have approximately 8 books at my place (here in Kaunas) that I haven’t read because I didn’t find the time to attack them. This year, I’m going to organize my free time better and I’m going to read at least one book per month. And to prove it, month after month, I’ll make a short review of it on my blog. Yeah, exactly the same kind of homework that I was doing for high school. It seems that some stuff never changes.

5. Step outside my comfort zone more often.

Bungee jumping. Solo backpacking. Talking in public. Heights. Aerostatic  All these four things have one common factor, they terrify me (in a different magnitude of course). But yet, they are things that I want to do. I have been to high places before and so I have spoken to many people too. I just want to fight those fears and overcome them. It never gets easier, you just get better.

6. Re-learn a not-that-new language.

As a child, I was always talking to my parents and family in Catalan and Spanish. So I grew up being a bilingual person. Later on, in elementary school I started learning english. It was only in secondary school when I started learning my fourth language, French. I studied French grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and all the rest of the things that you study when you learn a language for 6 years. Right now my Lithuanian is way better than my French. And that’s sad. Not because I don’t like Lithuanian (in fact I sort of have a crush for this old-and-mystic-baltic language) it’s because I almost completely lost one language. When I first came to Lithuania in 2010 my English and French languages were quite similar (i.e. I sucked a lot in both). But still I was able to hold a conversation. Now not anymore. And it upsets me quite a lot. That’s why, this 2015 I’ll look for a way to practice my french (if there’s any french speaker reading this, please contact me, I can provide you love in exchange). In fact, at the end of this 2015 I want to be able to make a video for my YouTube channel in which I will tell in French all the things that I would have done this year. It will have English subtitles too. Wish me luck!

7. Work on my punctuality.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m Spanish and my mediterranean-latino soul doesn’t let me, but I’m late sometimes. Not that often as it used to be but still. And I don’t like that. I will try to not be late (if there’s not a major cause that impedes me) never again from now on. As once a good friend of mine told me «Punctuality is the politeness of Kings».  It is time to behave as a King then.

8. Publish twice a week exclusive content for you.

You, the people that follow what I do are my ultimate motivators to keep me doing this. I do love when I get a new comment (I don’t like them very much when they come from haters) and I can see that what I do, write, film, photograph reaches someone. That’s why, for this 2015, I’m planing to publish two posts (with informative stuff, not just random bullsh*t) a week. They will be published on Mondays and Fridays, usually in the morning. Hell yeah.

9. Go for a solo travel.

This has to do with the number 5. It is one thing that I always wanted to do but it sort of terrifies me. It’s a mixture of feelings: fear and excitement. I have many friends that have backpacked solo (i.e. totally alone, with no friends, even thought they made friends on the way) and they said that it has been one of the best experiences ever. So, this year, even if it’s for 5 days, I’d like to give it a try and see what happens.

10. Do something productive every day.

Don’t you sometimes have the feeling when you spend the whole day in bed or watching TV that it was a sort-of-lost day? Well I do. I don’t like when days go by and I don’t live them as I should have. That’s why, for this year I’d like to do something productive every day: study, write here, write somewhere else, read book, read magazine, photograph… You know what I mean. Stay cool. Stay productive.


And these are all the things that I want to achieve this year. Of course, in case you haven’t done that yet, I have a bucket list that you should definitely check. And hey, if you have good ideas to add to my bucket list, please write it down in the comment section.

I believe that luck comes if you work on it. Work hard, be constant and don’t loose hope.


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