Thoughts on being a one-day-photographer


Few weeks ago I was asked to take the official photos  (click on the link to see them) and video of the Third International Food Festival Event held in my university (LSMU) here in Kaunas. I indeed felt that I had a huge task to perform and wanted to do it as good as I could (I’m kind of a super perfectionist person, nothing to do with OCD I swear) and wanted to better myself from 2 years ago.

I was very excited about this and I turned out pretty well. I couldn’t enjoy the festival that much (I mean, I was given lots of food by people surround me, which was quite cool, but I couldn’t stop «working» for more than 20 min) because I didn’t want to miss anything and try to tape and take pictures of everything. In the end I was very exhausted. But very happy with the result.

Since then I was asked two more timeto make private videos for private events. Unfortunately I won’t be doing them this year, because I have no free time after my academic year is done. I will tell you why soon, stay tuned. It’s going to be BIG. The fact that the people enjoy my video editing and my pictures makes me think that maybe I should start filming & editing videos on a freelance way. Which, in other words means, start getting paid for it. 

But truly, I have no idea if that would work or how much money I should ask for it.

What do you guys think? Should I start asking money for those kind of events? (for the food festival I won’t, it is always on a charity basis). Let me know that on the comment section down below and have an awesome day!!


Here’s the final edit of the event. I hope you enjoy it!

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