How to visit Tallinn for less than 80€.

If you follow me on Instagram you will probably know by now that a couple of weeks ago I spent a weekend in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn. As always, I’m a student. In approximately 8 months I’ll finally finish my university studies, but I guess I will be still broke by then. Which means that I will still have […]


As you probably know (since this is a travel blog) I love to travel. So so very very much. As you probably know too, I’m still a student. Which basically means that my budget is quite small. One of the things that used to be very expensive to buy were the plane tickets. And I say used […]

The Amsterdam Adventures.

Back in 2009 I did my first big trip. 5 friends and I went on a month-long-trip around Europe. One thing that we call InterRail. Which basically is getting a train ticket and traveling around Europe by train. We went to Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. Amsterdam was by far one of my favourite cities. […]

Flying Through Cleaner Air

Many years ago, taking the time off to travel was a pipedream for many people. With cheaper flights now being made available, it seems many people have started living the dream and traveling all over the world. But then, with so many chartered flights now going from country to country and continent to continent, many […]