Las 10 fotos más Geek de Barcelona que he hecho en mucho tiempo.

Si no vives debajo de una roca, o vives debajo de una y miras mi blog de vez en cuando, sabrás que ahora mismo vivo en Barcelona, donde estoy opositando y luchando por conseguir mi plaza de residente para especializarme! If you don’t live under a rock or if you live under one but you check […]


Today I’m starting a new photo project. It’s called, as you can read, Outdoor Expeditions. Now, few things I should clarify before we continue: – It’s called like this [the project] because they are outdoors exploring «photoshoots». – So far they are in the north of Spain. This may change, or not. – If not specified before, […]

11ª Carrera Enoturismo Aldeanueva de Ebro

Following the preparation for my First ever full Marathon, I saw that there was one race between wineyards, the 11ª Carrera del Enoturismo in Aldeanueva de Ebro, happening very close to where I live. It’s 11,4km and, even though I’m not supposed yet to run such long distances (yesterday I did run that distance though) I can’t wait to participate in […]

Diving Baptism.

If you follow me on Instagram you will probably know that the other day I had the amazing opportunity to cross out one of the things of my bucket list: Scuba Dive. We did the whole thing with Costa Brava Divers. Amazing staff, very economic prices plus they speak a bunch of languages (catalan, spanish, french, english…). At 17.00 we took a […]


The other day I got the chance to go with my friend Samuel to see how he was getting his tattoo done at Amor Verdadero Tattoo (true love tattoo). It was such an amazing experience. The tattooer, Masu, is such a nice lad and his tats are simply amazing. If you happen to be in Logroño and you are thinking about […]

El Terrat | Night version

Remember that few days ago I told you about one of my favorite spots in Barcelona? Well, so I decided to go back to it during the night time, and took some pictures. It was so much fun. The peace that you could find over there, the echoes, the silence. Also I really enjoyed taking pictures during […]

Welcoming the summer with a barbecue

That’s one thing my friends and I try to do as often as we can. Gather all together, tons of food, lots of beer and chill. Good vibes. I really enjoy those meetings because as I’m the only one that is living abroad (not in Spain) I tend to miss much stuff that is going on here, […]

Getting back to the Terrat

Few days ago I was in Barcelona, the city where I was born and I spent three years (and many many more summers and holidays) with my family. I come from a neighborhood called Horta, which many years ago (like hundreds of years) was an independent village. Terrat means Roof in catalan. It had been many years since I didn’t go up […]

Pictures from the Pyrenees 2013

I spent few days of my christmas holidays in the Pyrenees (the mountains between Spain and France) skiing and chilling over there. One of the things I miss the most in Lithuania is seeing mountains. Really. I was used to (when I was living in Spain) to see mountains far away in the distance. But, since Lithuania is such a flat country, […]

My Top 5 Things to do in Barcelona [GUEST POST]

I’ve been totally charmed by Barcelona ever since I stepped off the plane at El Prat. OK, that’s an exaggeration, but not by much! Back in 2009, I spent a long weekend in the Catalan capital and knew within hours that it had something special. Now I work and live in my favorite city in […]