Hoy hace un año o rookie del año.

Son las 08:14 de la mañana. Tras revisar que el primer paciente citado lo tengo en 2 horas y que no tengo emails pendientes me siento en mi consulta, la número 2. Fue la que me tocó cuando vine y es la que más me gusta. Creo que de alguna manera la he conquistado, la […]

Hablemos del futuro…

Como diría Jack el Destripador, vamos por partes. He pasado, como sabrás, un par de semanas por Portugal. Y si no lo sabes es que no me sigues en instagram, pero eso podemos arreglarlo ahora mismo. Mira, haz click aquí y ya está. Esas dos semanas me han servido para desconectar tanto del blog, del canal […]

Todo lo que quiero (y voy) a conseguir este 2017.

Antes de que venga por aquí ningún lumbreras e iluminati y me diga que ya llevamos unos meses del 2017, bueno, pues que tiene razón. Pero, ¿quién sería yo si hiciera todo como se espera y de forma «normal»? Bueno, eso tiene respuesta fácil. Sería una persona más normal. Jeje. Dejando obviedades a un lado, llevaba un […]

24 hours in Kaunas

On July the 2nd 2016 (basically 5 months ago) I left the city where I’d lived for 6 years. Kaunas (the second biggest city in Lithuania) became my second (or even first) home and will always be in my heart. I’m not trying to get cheese here! It’s just that I loved it over there.  If I could get back there right now […]

That time I got stolen in Punta Cana.

*Spoiler alert: Be extremely careful, I got stolen at Punta Cana’s international airport. On the summer of 2015 I got the wonderful chance to spend one week with my family in an all-included-with-cool-bracelet type of Resort. If I have to be sincere, I’m not an all included type of person, but hey, mum and dad were buying so hell […]

Sunday Thoughts: I’m almost done.

The 23rd of February 2011, I shared my first post on this blog. Going through the old posts, the old me, it’s such an interesting process. I like to remember how I thought then, how I felt then and what things I liked (or loved) almost 6 years ago. At that time I was a first year medical student, and […]

I hated Phnom Penh

I hated Phnom Penh. But don’t get me wrong. I hadn’t slept for almost 48 hours and took 3 flights to reach that crowded and dusty city. Plus it was the first time I was in South East Asia. And you know, when everyone tells you that there’s such thing as a ‘cultural shock’ the […]

That time when I was asked to speak in public.

Not a long time ago, a friend I have from the Vytautas Magnus University (yet another university here in Kaunas) that belongs also to the Miguelio De Cervanteso Club (a Spanish language and culture club based here in Kaunas too) asked me if I could talk about my experience as a Spaniard living in Lithuania. They organise it every year: (this year’s […]

9 things you should know about March 11th.

1. It’s Lithuania’s birthday. On 11 March 1990, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania adopted an Act on the Restoration of an Independent State of Lithuania. This year Lithuania becomes 25 years old (since the last independence, of course). Which means that she’s one year older than me. Oh hey you pretty girl! *11/03/2016 edit: […]

6 things you should know about February the 16th.

1. In Lithuania is a national day. On  this day, Lithuanians commemorate that on February the 16th 1918, the Act of Independence of Lithuania (Lietuvos Valstybės atkūrimo aktas) was signed, thus proclaiming the restoration of an Independent state of Lithuania.  2. The Act was signed by 20 brave Lithuanians. This was the Council of Lithuania of 1918. In 1915, Germany occupied […]