8 Crazy things you didn’t know about Tauragė (Lithuania)

(Source) 1. Some people believe that it’s not Lithuania. (Source)   This might be a bit polemic thing to say but, as you see on the map above there are 5 ethnicities in Lithuania. Tauragė belongs to the Low Lands (Žemaitija) and some people there refer that they should be a different country. Lots of separatist movements nowadays […]

24 hours in Kaunas

On July the 2nd 2016 (basically 5 months ago) I left the city where I’d lived for 6 years. Kaunas (the second biggest city in Lithuania) became my second (or even first) home and will always be in my heart. I’m not trying to get cheese here! It’s just that I loved it over there.  If I could get back there right now […]

9 things you should know about March 11th.

1. It’s Lithuania’s birthday. On 11 March 1990, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania adopted an Act on the Restoration of an Independent State of Lithuania. This year Lithuania becomes 25 years old (since the last independence, of course). Which means that she’s one year older than me. Oh hey you pretty girl! *11/03/2016 edit: […]

6 things you should know about February the 16th.

1. In Lithuania is a national day. On  this day, Lithuanians commemorate that on February the 16th 1918, the Act of Independence of Lithuania (Lietuvos Valstybės atkūrimo aktas) was signed, thus proclaiming the restoration of an Independent state of Lithuania.  2. The Act was signed by 20 brave Lithuanians. This was the Council of Lithuania of 1918. In 1915, Germany occupied […]

How to curse like a proper Lithuanian.

Whenever you start to learn a new language, one of the most common things is to learn the swear words. And for me it wasn’t an exception. But, unfortunately I learnt the bad cursing words, meaning that I only learnt them in Russian. But hey! Here I am to teach you how to do it in the […]

Thoughts about my first Trail Run

On the 1st of May I had my first Trail Run ever. I was very excited about it because even though I had run few 10km races before, none of them were through the woods and with no water supply during the whole race, so it was going to be a great adventure. And it definitely was. Arrived to […]

8 Things you should never do to a Lithuanian

Hey there! Here I am again, going to give you few tips to how to treat the Lithuanians or how not to treat them. 1. Punch them.  (Source) Because seriously, who likes to get punched? 2. Ask if Lithuania is a part of Russia. Really, just don’t. You can check google maps and you will find out how they […]

Welcome back Sun!

Who doesn’t love sun? When you go through a Lithuanian Winter were the lack of sun is one of the most remarkable facts every single time that you see a sunbeam you have to exploit it as much as you can. I took those pictures in a place called apparently 4 Letenos (never heard that name before) that we, the locals (well, after […]

10 Cosas que deberías saber sobre Lituania

[READ IT IN ENGLISH] 1. Lituania tiene el internet más rápido del mundo. ¡Y lo bien que me lo paso descargando películas! Source   2. Lituania es el centro geográfico de Europa. Lo que la convierte en un punto perfecto para empezar cualquier viaje. Source   3. Lituania fue el país más grande de Europa. El Gran […]

Defenders of Freedom Day

Yesterday, on January the 13th, the Lithuanians commemorated the heroes killed in the Vilnius TV Tower on the 13th of January 1991. On that day, the soviet troops surrounded it and tried to take it by force to deprive Lithuanian radio and television’s opportunities to broadcast national channels in Lithuanian language. Also (the soviet army) wanted to continue the Anti-Lithuania propaganda without the Lithuanians showing opposition to that. Thousands of unarmed people surrounded the tower […]