24 hours in Kaunas

On July the 2nd 2016 (basically 5 months ago) I left the city where I’d lived for 6 years. Kaunas (the second biggest city in Lithuania) became my second (or even first) home and will always be in my heart. I’m not trying to get cheese here! It’s just that I loved it over there.  If I could get back there right now […]

Vámonos a Italia!

Mañana terminamos la 1º vuelta del curso intensivo MIRAsturias. Una vuelta intensa (jeje, como su propio nombre indica) en la que he aprendido muchas cosas. Además de médicas y humanas (ya sabes, el tema de compartir piso con gente que no conocía de nada antes, el hacer nuevos amigos, el mudarme a una nueva ciudad)  también sobre mí y sobre […]

Ciao Parma!

Aunque ésta entrada debió ser publicada el pasado Domingo 29 de Mayo, no he tenido nada de tiempo para sentarme y escribir. Me gusta escribirlas y publicarlas en el día, es decir, no dejarlas programadas, porque en un día puede variar mi punto de vista sobre la situación y no sería lo mismo. Desde el Domingo estoy en Parma (Italia) pasando […]


Today I’m starting a new photo project. It’s called, as you can read, Outdoor Expeditions. Now, few things I should clarify before we continue: – It’s called like this [the project] because they are outdoors exploring «photoshoots». – So far they are in the north of Spain. This may change, or not. – If not specified before, […]

That time we decided to stop in Cavaion Veronese

If you are not new to this blog, you’ll probably know that few weeks ago I was visiting Italy for the second time this year. We stayed one night and one day in Milano, went to my girlfriend’s place in Brembio (really close to Lodi, which is very close to Milano), stayed one night to get […]


(Pictures taken in Lithuania) These photos were shot with a Zenit E (1975) with an Industar-50-2 3.5/50 lens and Fujifilm Superia 200 film. Developed at my old and local film lab back in Kaunas (Lithuania) as the previous rolls I’ve already developed. I shot this film in December 2015 between Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. (Fotos hechas en Lituania) Estas fotos fueron […]

13 Things you should never do to an Italian

1. Mess around with their food. Italians feel passionate about their food. Sometime ago I tried to make the comparison between Spanish and Italian food. Well, mistake. 2. Skip the two kisses part. See, that’s a funny thing. After living for 5.5 years in Lithuania I got used to not kiss anyone. They find it […]

Postcards from Milan

For the second time in this month of February, I came to Italy to visit my girlfriend. This time we had few days to explore the Northern part of the country. She lives very close to Milan, so staying there one nigh felt like a must. The best thing was to let myself go while […]


As you probably remember, on December 2015 I had the wonderful chance to spend a week with my friends traveling around the northern part of Europe, otherwise known as Lapland. Seguramente recuerdes que en Diciembre del 2015 tuve la fantástica oportunidad de pasar una semana viajando con mis amigos por el norte de Europa, una zona conocida […]

Fateuser Eats: Ze Donats (Rīga, Latvia)

Location: Kr.Valdemāra iela 18, Rīga, Latvia. Price: Each donuts from 0.69€. Hours: Mon-Fri: 08:00 – 20:00 | Sat: 10:00 – 20:00 | Sun: 10:00 – 18:00 Cuisine: Donuts and sweets. Website | Facebook Review: Back in November 2014 my friends and I had the opportunity to spend a long weekend in Rīga. We’ve heard of Ze Donats before from other friends […]