10 Fotos de Jeju-si (Corea del Sur) que no me creo que haya hecho yo.

El pasado mes de Marzo 2017 tuve la oportunidad de pasar 3 noches en la isla de Jeju en Corea del Sur. La «capital» por llamarlo de alguna manera es Jeju-si. The last month of March 2017 I had the amazing oportunity to spend 3 nights in the island of Jeju in South Korea. The «capital» to call it somehow is Jeju-si.   Llegamos a media mañana desde Busan, en […]

Todos los Europeos sois iguales.

Antes de empezar a saco y directamente, déjame que te cuente un poco. Quizá (si has llegado hace no mucho o has llegado por alguna entrada de mi vida MIR) te descolocará un poco el ver una entrada sobre viajes. Bueno, pues permíteme que te diga que a partir de ahora (quizá una vez por semana y cada vez que […]

¿A la cárcel por llevar Jamón Ibérico?

It’s 05:45 in the morning. I could barely sleep. Not just because it was very warm at my friend’s place, but because always, whenever I travel I get nervous and stressed about the awful possibility of missing my flights. Showered, finished packing, taxi (30€, fixed price from Madrid’s center to the airport) and we do the check-in. Yes! We […]

South Korean Diaries

Ahora mismo estoy en el autobús yendo hacia Madrid. Había escrito una entrada muy chula combatiendo los movimientos bruscos que el conductor decide que tenemos que «disfrutar» y al intentar subirla se ha borrado. Entera. Un momento. Déjame echarle un vistazo a una cosa. (Va a archivos recientes… busca la entrada que acababa de escribir… y no encuentra […]

Korean Adventures in 2017!

On the 10th of March 2017, Gi and I will be traveling to South Korea. It’s not my first time (I was there on the summer of 2014) but it is Gi’s first time, both in South Korea and Asia. In a way it’s a really cool thing that we both visited Africa for the first time together and that she’s going to […]


Yeohang means Journey in Korean. In the summer of 2014 I was lucky enough to be able to go and visit one of my best friends, Jae, who happens to be a Korean dude who lives in Seoul. That was my very first time in Asia (another thing I did cross off my ‘bucket list‘). It was by far one […]

How Korea changed my life.

If you didn’t know that,  on July 2014 I traveled to South Korea, to meet my friend Jae (who I hadn’t seen in 2 years). It was probably one of the best experiences (if not the best) that I’ve ever had so far. Are you wondering why? Well, just let me tell you: 1. I took my first solo intercontinental […]

First thoughts about Korea

So I’ve been almost two weeks in this lovely country and I think I start to get few ideas on how things work here. (If I am completely wrong, please forgive me, I’m just a newbie here). 1. Korea is a country of contrasts. The high skyscrapers surround the old and millenary palaces found all over the city in […]

South Korea here I come

I am very excited to tell you guys that from today, June the 23rd, I am officially on summer vacation mode. Yey! It’s been a quite tough year, many changes (relationships and academic) but now everything is quite good and IT’S SUMMER HELL YEAH.  So, moving on, the 6th of July I will be flying from Madrid (Spain’s capital, if you didn’t know […]