Pictures of Sweden II

As you all probably know, I was in Sweden on the last month of October. Going through my SD card I found out that I had some pics that I didn’t share with you guys. So here you go! The inside of that library was really cool! Mixture of new and old styles. Ah those […]

Is Stockholm City Card worth it?

See, before I went to Stockholm I was always wondering if getting the Stockholm Card was worth it. So I decided to track down all my expenses to give you this answer: YES IT ITS. And I’m going to explain you why. The last (and first) time that I visited Stockholm I only spent there 2 nights and a full […]

Pictures of Sweden 2013

Here you go some pictures that I took in Sweden. I did really love this country. Hope to fly back soon!! One thing I really liked from Stockholm was the fusion of water with the architecture. While taking a boat tour we found this crane painted as a Giraffe. Cool huh? That ship is also […]

Sweden 2013

Do you now when sometimes you find a really cheap flight exactly on the dates that you can travel? Well, that was the situation with my trip to Stockholm. One day I was «surfing the internet» and decided to check cheap flights. And voilá, flight to Stockholm Skavsta from Kaunas from the 10th of October till the 12th for 30€. I definitely decided […]

Fast update from a Swedish bus

Hey there! I’m back. I wasn’t dead, I was just full of work and I had literally no free time to write my blog. I’m right now in Sweden, in a bus going to Stockholm where I’m going to spend a couple of nights. I will be posting pictures on Instagram about my journey. When […]