Todos los Europeos sois iguales.

Antes de empezar a saco y directamente, déjame que te cuente un poco. Quizá (si has llegado hace no mucho o has llegado por alguna entrada de mi vida MIR) te descolocará un poco el ver una entrada sobre viajes. Bueno, pues permíteme que te diga que a partir de ahora (quizá una vez por semana y cada vez que […]

What’s inside my backpack? (Tech Edition)

Aloha travel lovers! It’s been a long long time that I want to write this post. Also, the fact that most of the questions that I get asked are about gear has made that I finally sit down and get some words together to share with you my «best kept secret». A.k.a. what’s inside my bag. Before […]

Postcards from Aït Benhaddou

Back in May 2016, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend 5 days in Morocco. It was my (and Gi’s also) first time in Africa. We were based in Marrakech but spent one night on the Sahara Desert and did as many day trips as we could. En Mayo del 2016, tuve la increíble oportunidad de pasar 5 días en Marruecos. Fue mi primera […]

How to organize a trip to Morocco

Great! You have made up your mind and you decided that you’d love to travel to Morocco! Great choice my friend! But… what comes next? Worry no more! I’ll walk you through the steps on how I organized my trip 🙂 Genial! Acabas de decidir que quieres ir a Marruecos! Me parece una idea genial! Pero… qué tengo […]

Surviving Jemaa El-Fnaa

Jemaa el-Fnaa was probably my best and my worst experience in my last trip to Marrakech. See, I have been to crowded places before, places where everyone is trying to sell you everything (like for example, South East Asia). But I don’t know if it was that I hadn’t been outside of Europe (and thus, my sort of […]

Mughamara. My first time in Africa.

On the 28th of April I’ll be embarking a new adventure on a new continent. I’ll be spending 6 days in Marrakech (Morocco)!! I’m pretty excited about this, since it will be my very first time in Africa. As I’ve been doing with some adventures before, I’ll be sharing the whole experience on my instagram and I’ll be using the […]